The Defenders Drinking Game

Binge drinking can be harmful or fatal, and we don’t recommend it. The below is meant as satire.  

The Rules:

1. Drink whenever Danny Rand says, “I am the immortal Iron Fist,” again if he says, “sworn protector of K’un L’un.”

2. Drink whenever Danny talks about a fantastic experience in K’un L’un no one believes.

3. Drink whenever a senior citizen kicks someone’s ass, busts a door down, or performs some other feat of amazing strength (optional rule, this occurs so often it could be a game by itself).

4. Drink whenever Daredevil confesses his love for Elektra while they are in deadly combat.

5. Drink whenever Luke Cage talks about “doing good” for “the people”.

6. Drink whenever Luke Cage uses himself as a human shield.

7. Drink whenever Jessica Jones is needlessly snotty(basically, whenever words are coming out of her mouth).

8. Drink whenever Jessica says something about only being there “to get some answers” for her client.

9. Drink whenever Jessica lands a slow, poorly-timed blow against an immortal master martial artist, while drunk.
10. Drink whenever Colleen mopes about not being needed.

11. Drink whenever the whole team is onscreen and Daredevil is the only one in a costume of any kind.

12. Drink every time Stick scolds someone for being naive.

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