Don’t Discount the Discount – THIEF from Square Enix

This time around, I’m writing a review about the Square Enix title Thief. I have played it for both the Xbox One and Xbox 360 but you can get it for the PS4 & PS3. It is the 4th installment in the awesome series that games like Assassin’s Creed and Splinter Cell have taken a few cues from. As you have probably figure out, the game requires a lot of sneaking through levels and stealing expansive objects from the home you end up robbing.

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The game has a fairly simple rule: LET NO ONE SEE YOU. The game has you slinking through the shadows and avoiding the guards at every turn. If you do happen to get caught, you can try to fight your way out of the situation but most likely you’ll have run and hide. What makes the game entertaining is also the biggest frustration. There were times that I thought it was unfair that a guard saw me in my hiding spot or heard me when I didn’t make a sound but these things are few & far between. There weren’t any gameplay issues or glitches that stopped me from having fun.

Graphically, the game is beautiful. It has a very rich environment that is shadowy and highly detailed. Now, because of its release, I said I played it for Xbox systems. Don’t get me wrong, it looks great on the 360 but there is so much added depth to the Xbox One version. There is more detail, shadowing, and the pixels are cleaner. I also feel like the Xbox One controls are much more responsive due to it being the better paddle (yeah, I said paddle). I play all of my games on surround sound headphones to make sure that I hear every little thing that is possible. Between the two versions, I couldn’t hear anything that puts one over the other.

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If is you haven’t heard about it, THEIF is a series that has been around for a while. I’m really glad to see it hit the newer systems and the PC because I feel like its a game everyone should at least give a shot. The bottom line is that its a fun game and can be found for under $20 on any system. At that price, it’s a bargain and one not to pass up.

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