Comics Podcast Of The Damned Execute Order 66: Back From NYCC

The CPOTD crew does a late post-show recap of NYCC, and your usual plethora of comics news, reviews, and commentary!

On a more serious note, Mike, Joe, and I (Jim) recorded this podcast last Friday, completely oblivious to the sad news we’d be getting this Sunday.  For those that don’t know, comics artist and all around great guy Steve Dillon passed away over the weekend. On the podcast, we discuss with some enthusiasm meeting Steve for the first, and sadly the last time at NYCC. Ken was most deeply affected by the tragedy, having met Mr. Dillon and received a full-figure sketch from him, certainly one of his last commissioned works.  It was a dream for Ken to meet the creator behind so many of his favorite comics, and having occupied Steve’s thought and pencil in those final days was truly an honor (seriously, Ken was beside himself with joy over meeting a creator hero and owning one of his works, then gutted by the news of his passing).  Check out the facebook page for more from Ken, but let it be known that all our thoughts and prayers are with Steve’s friends and family, and that every one of us held Steve in the highest esteem among those creators we already admire to a fault.

Experience the wailing and gnashing of teeth!

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