Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice Ultimate Ticket from Regal Cinemas

With Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice coming in theaters very soon, Regal Cinemas has announced their Ultimate Ticket for the film. It is a $100 and here is the description of the ticket:

This one-of-akind collectible card features the Bat Symbol laser cut through high-grade 0.5 mm anodized black stainless steel. Superman’s iconic glyph is etched on both sides and colorized on the front. The wallet-sized cards will be personalized with each recipient’s name inscribed permanently on the back.

But the personalization isn’t the coolest thing about the ticket. The owner can also see the film every day for the run of it, including the RPX and IMAX formats. So, if the movie is good, you make out…if not…

Check out the official site for the card here

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